Human Rights in Emergencies: Addressing the needs and realities of women and girls

On Thursday, March 21, the Canadian Association of Parliamentarians on Population and Development (CAPPD), in association with CARE Canada and Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights invited parliamentarians to participate in a strategy session on ´Human Rights in Emergencies: Addressing the needs and realities of women and girls´.

Premised on an understanding that women’s and girls’ rights remain furthest behind in conflict and emergency settings, but that a more systematic approach for ensuring that humanitarian action responds to women’s and girls’ rights and needs is within reach, the event [...]

Future Planning Initiative: A leadership opportunity for the Government of Canada

Organized by a small group of Canadian organizations, the Future Planning Initiative emerged out of a meeting of experts representing Canadian and international civil society organizations, government representatives, publicly elected officials, activists, and the private sector. The goals of the meeting were to develop a shared understanding of issues related to SRHR (including global gaps), to explore options for a collective approach to Canada’s SRHR policy over the next five years, and to build momentum for such an approach.

By giving adolescents and young women more control over their bodies [...]

She Decides Conference

On March 2, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, and Sweden hosted a summit to strengthen support and funding for the She Decides initiative. Initiated by the Dutch government, the initiative was created to support organizations affected by Trump’s expanded Global Gag Rule and to encourage increased bilateral assistance towards sexual and reproductive health. 50 governments attended the summit during which Canada pledged $20 million. Sweden and Finland also pledged $20 million with additional $10 million pledges from Belgium, Denmark, and the Netherlands and private donor contributions that brought the total funding [...]

President Trump re-enacts Global Gap Rule

During the Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush administrations, the Global Gag Rule prohibited foreign NGOs receiving U.S. assistance related to family planning and reproductive health from using non-U.S. funding to provide abortion services, information, counseling or referrals and from engaging in advocacy for access to safe abortion services. This policy causes real and serious harm to women around the world and runs contrary to international development agreements signed by the U.S. The policy leads to shortages in resources, the closure of health facilities offering [...]

CAPPD celebrates International Women’s Day

To celebrate International Women’s Day this year, members of the CAPPD executive committee, Mylène Freeman, Elizabeth May and Dr. Hedy Fry, shared why the day is important to them.

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