CAPPD members return from G7/G20 parliamentarians’ conference


she_matters_GruppenfotoFrom April 16 to 17 2015, CAPPD members Isabell Morin (MP – Notre-Dame-de-Grâce-Lachine) and Alexandrine Latendresse (MP – Louis-Saint-Laurent) attended the annual G7/G20 parliamentarians conference which took place in Berlin, Germany. Hosted by the German All Party Parliamentarians’ Group on Population and Development, in collaboration with European Parliamentary Forum on Population and Development and DSW (Deutsche Stiftung Weltbevoelkerung), the conference took place in the lead up to the G7 Summit taking place this June. The theme of the conference was women’s economic empowerment, which was selected as one of the main topics for the G7 Summit by Chancellor Merkel. Specifically, the conference examined sexual and reproductive health and rights of women and girls as key prerequisites for empowerment.

Bringing together over 90 parliamentarians from 50 countries to discuss these important issues, the delegation of parliamentarians from Canada was invited to present examples of Canadian leadership on G7 & G20 commitments as they relate to women’s empowerment during the G7/G20 parliamentary panel.

The conference concluded with the adoption of the Parliamentarians’ Appeal to G7 Heads of State. CAPPD members in attendance contributed to the drafting process. The Appeal recognizes the positive contributions made by the Muskoka Initiative, announced during the 2010 G8 Summit, and commits parliamentarians to ensuring full respect for women’s bodily autonomy and right to freely decide on matters related to sexuality, promoting young people and adolescents’ right to comprehensive sexuality education and meeting the target of 10% of official development assistance for sexual and reproductive health and rights, among other commitments.

CAPPD members participating in the Conference were instrumental in advocating for: the need to address structural causes of gender-based discrimination, the removal of legal, social and other barriers to adolescent’s access to sexual and reproductive health services and information, young people’s access to comprehensive sexuality education, and the elimination of discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity, in the Appeal.

Returning to Ottawa, the CAPPD Executive Committee plans to share the Appeal with Prime Minister Harper in advance of the G7 Summit.

Read the full parliamentary appeal here.