Feature Partner: Sexual Rights Initiative

SRIThe Sexual Rights Initiative (SRI) is a coalition of organizations that advocates for the advancement of human rights in relation to gender and sexuality within international law and policy.  The SRI focuses its efforts particularly on the work of the United Nations Human Rights Council, including its resolutions and debates as well as the work of the Universal Periodic Review mechanism and the system of Special Procedures.  The SRI combines feminist and queer analyses with a social justice perspective and a focus on the human rights of all marginalized communities and of young people.

It seeks to bring a global perspective to the Human Rights Council, and collaborates in its work with local and national organizations and networks of sexual and reproductive rights advocates, particularly from the Global South and Eastern Europe.  The SRI partners are: Action Canada for Population and Development, Akahatá – Equipo de Trabajo en Saxualidades y Generos, Coalition of African Lesbians, Creating Resources for Empowerment in Action (India), Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights, and Federation for Women and Family Planning (Poland).

The SRI is committed to the right of every person to sexual and reproductive health and well-being, bodily integrity, as well as the right to have control over and to make free and informed decisions on all matters related to sexuality, reproduction and gender free from violence and discrimination.

For more information, visit: www.sexualrightsinitiative.com