Read the Final Report on Health in the Post-2015 Development Agenda

The final report of the Thematic Consultation on Health in the post 2015 development agenda has been released.

The report concludes that the guiding principles for the new development agenda should include human rights, equity, gender equality, accountability, and sustainability. The most disadvantaged, marginalized, stigmatized, and hard-to-reach populations in all countries should be prioritized. Equity can be made explicit in all the goals by disaggregating indicators and targets at all levels, and including targets for closing gaps.

According to the report, the post-2015 health agenda should: 1) include specific health-related targets as part of other development sector goals; 2) take a holistic, life-course approach to people’s health with an emphasis on health promotion and disease prevention; 3) accelerate progress where MDG targets have not been achieved and set more ambitious targets for the period to come; and 4) address the growing burden of NCDs, mental illness, and other emerging health challenges. Other relevant recommendations emerging from the report include the need to address sexual and reproductive health and rights (particularly universal access to contraceptives), the reality that the needs of young people require special attention, including ensuring that they have access to comprehensive sexuality education, as well as protection from sexual violence and abuse, and that countries should be able to tailor targets and indicators to their own health priorities and circumstances.

The Thematic Consultation on Health is part of the ongoing review of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Other thematic areas under discussion include: inequalities, governance, education, environmental sustainability, growth and employment, population dynamics, water, energy, food security and nutrition, and conflict and fragility. More information regarding the ongoing review of the MDGs and discussions related to the Post-2015 Development Agenda can be found via the World We Want 2015 website.

The full Thematic Consultation on Health report can be accessed here: Health in the post-2015 agenda- Report on the Global Thematic Consultation on Health, April 2013.