New Resource: EuroMapping 2013

EuroMapping is a joint annual study by DSW ((Deutsche Stiftung Weltbevoelkerung) and EPF (the European Parliamentary Forum) that scrutinises EU countries’ development aid for population assistance and reproductive health, both in terms of their pledged commitments and actual disbursements. The findings of EuroMapping offer a unique overview of how European donors contribute to the four categories of population assistance that were established in 1994: Basic reproductive Health Services, Family Planning, STDs and HIV/AIDS and basic research. This year’s report comes at an important time [...]

Feature Partner: Sexual Rights Initiative

The Sexual Rights Initiative (SRI) is a coalition of organizations that advocates for the advancement of human rights in relation to gender and sexuality within international law and policy.  The SRI focuses its efforts particularly on the work of the United Nations Human Rights Council, including its resolutions and debates as well as the work of the Universal Periodic Review mechanism and the system of Special Procedures.  The SRI combines feminist and queer analyses with a social justice [...]

Interview with CAPPD Vice-Chair, and leader of the Green party, Elizabeth May

What does international women’s day mean to you?

International Women’s Day has played a critical role in my life. Thanks to the sheer fluke of attending a March 8th 1980 event to celebrate IWD, my life was transformed.  The event was at a pub in Sydney Nova Scotia, a two hour drive from my home. Local talent, including a not-yet-famous Rita MacNeil, was performing.

For nearly a decade I had been working as a waitress and cook at my parents’ restaurant in Cape Breton.  Due to family economic problems, [...]

Parliamentarians back in Ottawa for the Winter session!

On January 27, Senators and MPs returned to Ottawa for the busy winter sitting of parliament. A key highlight so far has been the tabling of the federal budget by the Minister of Finance on February 11th. In way of foreign aid, the federal budget contains no further cuts from the 8% or $377 million from international assistance by 2014-15 that was announced in the 2012 budget. However, in 2012-13, $370 million was actually cut from Canada’s aid budget including roughly $290 million in unspent money that was [...]

CAPPD member & Liberal critic for International Development and the Status of Women, Kirsty Duncan (Etobicoke North) Commemorates International Women’s Day

On International Women’s Day, let all Canadian parliamentarians come together to tackle the long-standing issue of early and forced marriages.

UN agencies such as UNICEF have been raising this issue for decades, as have many European donors. Such focus would be reflective of Canada’s earlier support for such initiatives as the Convention to Eliminate All Forms of Discrimination Against Women and the Beijing Platform for Action.

A girl should have the right to choose whom she marries and when she marries; and no girl should be robbed of her childhood.